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Welcome to Dragoneye Creative, the premier online destination for outstanding Cross Stitch patterns and art. 

We believe in providing a tailored experience to suit your artistic vision. Personalize your selection by specifying size, thread type, and other options, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique project.  Or buy a pattern off the shelf in popular sizes which show case the art to its maximum potential.

Discover one of a kind artwork exclusively designed by our talented Dragoneye Creative Team. Each piece has been meticulously crafted to ensure a truly unique and captivating stitch experience. Rest assured that our original creations are protected by copyright, guaranteeing that your artwork remains distinct and exceptional. Embrace your artistic journey with the exclusive designs from Dragoneye Creative!

At Dragoneye Creative, we’re driven by the desire to empower artisan stitchers with the freedom to choose their preferred floss type and artwork size. We understand that your projects are often designed with a specific hanging position in mind, which is why we offer bespoke choices and personalized services to create the perfect image, format, and size to meet your needs.

On each item’s sales page, you’ll find an option to customize the design with different sizes and thread types, if desired. There is a modest additional fee for this service, as our team will handcraft the pattern to match your preferences. However, we prioritize the quality of the artwork above all else, and therefore, we kindly request that patterns not be resized below 22-count, as doing so could adversely affect the final result.

Experience the perfect blend of flexibility and artistic integrity with Dragoneye Creative, and enjoy creating truly unique and stunning pieces.

At Dragoneye Creative, we recognize the value of convenience when it comes to finding the perfect pattern for your project. That’s why we’ve carefully selected two of the most popular size and thread formats, with DMC floss as the default thread, for our ‘off the shelf’ online purchases.

Every purchased pattern will be provided in 22-count, designed to fit flawlessly in both 16″ x 24″ and 12″ x 18″ frames. That’s right – you’ll receive patterns for both sizes, enhancing the overall value for your investment. Discover a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience with Dragoneye Creative, where quality and convenience come together with the trusted DMC floss.

At Dragoneye Creative, we embrace the diverse stitching styles and the growing role of technology in the world of artisan stitchers. To cater to these unique preferences, all our available patterns come in a single file format packed with essential features.

Each pattern includes color lists, color sorters, and three design formats: symbol over color, symbol only, and a digital application format (i.e., Pattern Keeper). We also provide a table of contents, allowing you to easily choose and print the desired sections effortlessly and on-demand.

Experience a seamless and personalized stitching journey with Dragoneye Creative, where we adapt to your individual needs and celebrate the evolving landscape of artisan stitching.