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The mighty Tusker, a regal sight that is now rare across the vast savannahs of Africa. His immense size and age have earned him the title of a true icon, with his survival relying solely on the wealth of knowledge garnered through his years of experience. Now, you have the opportunity to honour and cherish this majestic being with our exceptional “Wisdom” cross stitch pattern.

Crafted with meticulous care and precision, our “Wisdom” pattern is perfectly designed to be stitched on 22ct Aida, elevating your cross-stitching experience to new heights. With a harmonious palette of 60 vibrant colours, you’ll breathe life into the majestic Tusker, creating a masterpiece that radiates grace and elegance.  Drawn from the very essence of the remaining Tuskers that roam the African savannah, our “Wisdom” pattern encapsulates their strength, beauty, and enduring spirit. These magnificent creatures bear impressive tusks that have captured the imaginations of many, and now you can immortalize their legacy in a work of art.

The sheer size and majesty of these gentle giants are difficult to put into words, but our “Wisdom” cross stitch pattern strives to bring their magnificence to life on your wall.

The patterns provided have three sections, symbol over colour, symbol only and pattern tracker app pages, the thread chart is in DMC. If you require a different thread brand, or prefer your pattern in a different layout, please use the ‘Bespoke’ option and let me know your preferences and I will do my best to create the pattern to match your stitching style.


Finished Size:      16.4×21 inches (41.6×53.6 cm, 360×464 st.)                  13.5 x 17.6 inches (34.3×44.7 cm, 297×387 st.)

Palette:                  60 Colours                                                                                   60 Colours

No. of Stitches:    167040                                                                                         114939

Fabric:                   22ct Aida                                                                                     22ct Aida


This pattern includes a small section of backstitch detail for the end of his trunk