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‘Umkhombe’ the Rhino

We’re thrilled to present our latest marvel, the stunningly detailed White Rhino ‘Umkhombe’ Cross Stitch Pattern, elegantly showcased on a backdrop of 22ct black Aida cloth.

This carefully curated design is no common-or-garden pattern. It’s a spirited homage to the White Rhino, an embodiment of our heartfelt respect for this mighty savannah dweller. The beast’s image is yours to bring to life, stitch by stitch, using the inky black canvas to highlight the rhino’s natural colour.   The stark contrast of the rhino’s shade against the black aida fabric creates a splendid depth of field, as the stitched sections spring to life and the untouched cloth fades seamlessly into the background, a poignant reflection of the creature’s fragile existence in our ever-changing world.

Our pattern is designed for needleworkers of all experience levels, offering a delightful blend of challenge and satisfaction. Whether you’re an old hand looking for a new masterpiece to add to your collection, or a beginner eager to embark on a gratifying project, our White Rhino ‘Umkhombe’ Cross Stitch Pattern is a thrilling and fulfilling endeavour.

The patterns provided have three sections, symbol over colour, symbol only and pattern tracker app pages, the thread chart is in DMC, if you require a different thread brand, or prefer your pattern in a different layout.  Please use the ‘Bespoke’ option and let me know your preferences and I will do my best to get the pattern to match your stitching style.


Finished Size:       23.2×19.6 inches (59×49.9cm, 511×432 st.)                      16.8×13.8 inches (35×42.6 cm, 369×303 st.)

Palette:                  33 Colours                                                                                     33 Colours

No. of Stitches:    91012                                                                                             43306

Fabric:                   22ct Aida                                                                                       22ct Aida