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Get Your Floss Sorted Before You Stitch!

You’ve just bought an amazing new cross stitch pattern and you’re raring to get started! But hold your horses before you dive into that exciting project – it’s important to take time to get your floss needed neatly organised first. Keeping your embroidery thread tidy and easy to find will make the stitching process much smoother and more fun!

In this blog post, I’ll share my top tips for getting your floss sorted in a cost-effective way before beginning a new cross stitch design.

Take Stock of Your Stash

First up, rummage through the muddle of skeins you’ve got, or check your organised collection and see what colours are already in your stash. Make a list of the floss numbers you’ve got and how many of each. This helps you spot any duplicates and stops you buying shades you don’t need. An Excel spreadsheet, Google Sheet or app like Pattern Keeper or Crossty or many more free and purchasable options can digitally catalogue all your floss numbers as well as track your pattern as you stitch if you prefer. This gives you a quick way to check what colours you’ve already got when starting new projects. Update it as you acquire more shades so you always know what’s in your collection.

Just Buy What You Need

Once you know what thread you’ve already got, only buy the specific colours listed in the new pattern you’ll be stitching. Don’t waste money on big sets with extra hues you might not use soon. Getting only the necessary colours for your current project prevents clutter from unused floss sitting around for too long.

Find Cheap Storage

You’ll need somewhere to keep all your tidy bobbins or bundles of floss as you stitch. Look for budget-friendly solutions like recycled jars, shoeboxes, plastic containers from the pound shop or discount retailers. Buy storage items in bulk online for lower per-unit prices. Get creative to organise your floss on the cheap!

Wind New Floss Onto Bobbins

To prevent tangling as you stitch, wind all the new skeins of floss you’ve bought onto embroidery bobbins straight away, plaiting the threads is popular with some stitchers, or if the colour selection is not too big, use a floss card and put a slip knot or plait the colours. Store empty floss packets neatly to for leftovers and reference. Sorting upfront keeps each colour smooth and contained. Buy affordable bobbins, floss cards etc in multi-packs, or make your own (see my blog on “Smart Ways to Tame Your Cross Stitch Floss Stash“), will save a lot of time and frustration during the sewing of the project.

Sort Bobbins by Number

The key to quick access when stitching is sorting your bobbins or floss bundles numerically by floss colour number. Put each colour in order by the numbering system (eg for DMC colours – DMC 301, DMC 304, DMC 307 etc). This makes it easy to grab the next shade you need without rummaging. Use sticky labels to mark clear boxes. Keep different manufacturers separate, however, you could mark those colours that can be substituted with their corresponding colour (it depends on how technical you want to be!!)

Think Upright and Stackable

To maximise storage space, use vertical solutions like hanging wall files, towering shelving units, or stackable plastic drawers. You can stand a lot of bobbins upright and access them easily. Stack identical clear boxes to see all your floss colours at a glance while keeping dust away.

Go Portable

Use a portable container to take current project floss on the go. Pencil cases, mini craft caddies or small fishing tackle boxes are cheap to buy. Fill with only the colours needed for your current cross stitch so you can stitch anywhere! Keep your main stash organised at home.

Label Clearly

Use labels to mark floss boxes, binders, dividers and bobbins for easy identification. Printed labels or reusable write-on ones help you clearly see floss numbers and colour names when storing or selecting threads. This avoids mix-ups that waste stitching time.

Maintain as You Go

Spend a little time rewinding and reorganising after finishing a project before starting your next stitch. Rewind any leftover floss back onto original bobbins and return to storage. Maintaining order between stitches means you always start tidy!

By taking the time to get your floss collection organised before beginning a new cross stitch design, you ensure smooth and tangle-free stitching! Use these helpful tips and affordable solutions to get your embroidery thread neatly ordered and ready for your latest project. Happy stitching!

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