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As a passionate British cross-stitch pattern designer, I’ve observed with keen interest the evolving dialogue around artificial intelligence (AI) in our community and beyond. The rapid ascent of AI over the past couple of years has indeed sparked a myriad of conversations—ranging from its potential benefits to legitimate concerns, particularly regarding its impact on the arts and craft world.

My journey with AI has been one of cautious exploration and thoughtful integration. It’s not lost on me, the debates surrounding AI’s role in creative industries, especially the fears about undermining genuine artistic efforts. However, I see AI as another option within my creative toolbox, a companion to the likes of Adobe Photoshop and the broader Adobe suite, rather than a replacement of the human touch that breathes life into art. These tools and resources, AI included, serve to enhance the quality, and reach of my designs before they even begin their transformation into cross-stitch patterns.

There’s been considerable worry within our community about the proliferation of inexpensive cross-stitch patterns, partly attributed to free online conversion tools such as Pic2Pat, FlossCross, and Stitch Fiddle (which are all excellent tools, and I love the fact that they are free to all). Concerns stem from the ease with which AI-generated artworks can be converted into cross-stitch patterns, some of which may not meet the standards of craftsmanship we hold dear. While some patterns crafted this way are of commendable quality and are rightly shared for all to purchase and enjoy, others, regrettably, fall short. Often, the shortcomings of these patterns only come to light once a stitcher has committed their hard-earned pennies and often time to it.

I’d like to offer a glimpse into my pattern creation process, a topic I delve into more comprehensively on my About Us page (currently under revision, so I ask for your patience as I update it). The genesis of every pattern is an original artwork that resonates with me, one I believe holds the potential to enchant in cross-stitch form. It’s imperative that the artwork not only captivates me but is also likely to appeal to others.

Once an artwork passes these initial criteria, I enhance its colours in Photoshop, adjust backgrounds, and refine the image until it meets my exacting standards. The next phase involves the meticulous conversion process where I decide on the dimensions, stitch count, and colour palette. Using cross-stitch software, I preview a digital representation of the stitched image. It’s at this juncture that many designs are discarded—if they fail to retain sufficient detail or colour, they don’t progress further, this can be a very disappointing time, as many images fall here than make it through.

For those designs that do advance, a rigorous tidy-up process ensues. This phase is arduous, often spanning many hours over several days, during which I eliminate unnecessary stitches, reduce the number of colours to simplify the pattern without compromising its integrity, and continuously reassess the digital sample to ensure that my modifications don’t detract from the final piece.

When I am satisfied with these revisions, I then scrutinise the symbols assigned to each colour. We’ve all faced patterns where a limited range of symbols leads to confusion, errors, and frustration. Only when I’m confident in the clarity and usability of the pattern does it transform into a PDF, ready for the final touches that arrange it into the downloadable file you see.

Each pattern I design is unique, featuring a cover page, a full picture of the design, a contents page for easier navigation (particularly important for larger, multi-page patterns), a colour chart with estimated thread quantities, thread cards, and both colour and black and white symbol pattern pages, plus the pattern app pages for those needs them. Whether listed on Etsy or my webstore, I ensure that each pattern is accurately represented, with excerpts and digital stitch close-ups provided for your information, ensuring you are able to see what your potential next project contains.

This meticulous approach may seem extreme, however it underscores the importance of transparency and quality in my work. I strive for each pattern to be a true representation of the original artwork, maintaining its integrity and detail. My hope is that this insight into my creative process reassures you of the dedication and care invested in each pattern I create, aiming to offer you not just a pattern, but a piece of art to cherish.

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Mother of Two boys, and needed to carve a business niche for myself. Realised that the world of cross stitch is still stuck in the past, and can see a need for Bold new and classy designs, as well as a slightly new approach. I hope you will join me on a professional cross stitch revolution.

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